Edition No. 17 | 14 July 2014  

July 2014 Newsletter

It's the start of the New Financial Year.

Happy New Financial Year!  At last we are able to say good-bye to the carbon tax, hopefully the mining tax soon mainly because I am sick of hearing about them...

The last financial year saw some good returns for clients with shares and managed funds that included shares.

Fixed interest and cash returns were disappointing but business and other borrowers have benefitted from low interest rates.

This month I have included an article called "Financial things you should know about by the time you're 30!"  I recommend that it be given to any children or grandchildren under the age of 30.  I'm making sure my three daughters read it!

I've also included some articles on retirment life styles.

Keep out of the cold and stay warm....


Graeme Wandel



Financial things you should know by the time you’re 30

Finances are not always straight forward.  Depending upon your financial personality and your personal situation, your first whiff of your own cash most likely went one of two ways:  you were either ...

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Avoid a retirement lifestyle crash

While you’re working, with money coming in, you can probably afford to live life the way you choose. But what will happen to your lifestyle when you retire?

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To downsize or not?

The kids have moved out and the house is starting to feel empty — as well as costing a lot to maintain. So is it time to sell up and buy something smaller? We look at the pros and cons of downsizing the family home.

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Tools no retiree should be without

Retirement means leaving the pressure and responsibilities of the workforce behind. But that doesn’t mean that life after the workforce isn’t without its challenges. So here are some easy-to-use tools to take the hard work out of retirement.

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Financial things you should know by the time you’re 30
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To downsize or not?
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